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If you’ve ever wintered in New England, you understand the importance of a good down jacket. The biting, cold wind combined with the occasional ice storm and a famed Nor'easter every now and then require quality outerwear that can stand up to the harshest conditions. Founded in Hudson, Massachusetts, by Harvey Gross in 1975, Penfield pioneered the strength of down-insulated outerwear for its unrivaled ability to provide warmth and protection. At the time, only a few factories were even capable of making the high quality down outerwear Gross had in mind, so he set out to purchase his own factory and figure it out for himself—a common theme amongst iconic brands.

Over the years, Penfield helped to define the classic “New England” aesthetic with its signature outerwear pieces, catching the eye of both outdoor enthusiasts and trendy urbanites alike. Along the way, Penfield has maintained a commitment to quality, practicality, durability and style—traits that don’t always go hand in hand with fashionable brands. Continuing to pioneer with new materials and construction advancements Penfield remains as classic and timeless as the day it opened its doors more than 40 years ago.

Designed by a team of individuals that know and love the outdoors, Penfield garments are able to withstand the full range of conditions adventurers are up against. The ability to stand the test of time while growing and changing is what makes Penfield a special brand. Slip on any of its products and you’ll see why it has never left the front of the pack.


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