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Finding your own groove in life is often achieved through exploration. We have to search through the past, embrace the future, and be inspired by the present to find our true spirit. For many, this means exploring new places, experimenting with new mediums, and vibrating on new sensations. Mollusk was created as a place where those with a deep appreciation for handmade surf craft, art, music, travel, and fashion could gather and share their passion. What has transpired since is a cultivated community of dreamers and achievers that have put the inspired ride at the forefront of their collective consciousness.

The 60’s and 70’s were a glorious time for both surfers and California culture, as the West Coast was at the forefront of a rebellious and free-spirited revolution. Los Angeles and San Francisco became cultural focal points for hippies, surfers, artists, bikers, musicians and freaks. With this, a spirit deeply rooted within in surf culture refused to die throughout the homogenous and often whitewashed 80’s and 90’s. Bucking conventional wisdom, many surf culture and lifestyle advocates held onto a way of living that was essential to the revival of a surf culture. That spirit was reborn when Mollusk and other enthusiasts started offering cultural hubs for their kind.

There’s a kindred connection that comes from riding handmade surf craft, and the same can be said for any handcrafted and well-designed lifestyle products. Whether you are a world traveler, thrive on local exploration, or are just someone who supports independent brands, Mollusk’s line of cut and sew clothing and handmade accessories will make the journey more enjoyable. Handmade in California, Mollusk offers clean and minimalist pieces that are equal parts sophisticated and casual.

From winding your way down the 1 in your rebuilt van to taking in the cultural landmarks of San Francisco, Mollusk has handcrafted pants, jackets, boardshorts, tees, shirts, and accessories to accompany your journey.


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