Casual Industrees

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The idea for Casual Industrees was sparked in the winter historic Northwest winter of 98/99. Founded by two brothers, Dan and Brendo Reid, started by working at Mt. Baker, living by Mt. Baker, and then getting fired by Mt. Baker. 

1999 marked the year of "billboard" sweatshirts. Big logos representing only the company name and not the culture. Instead of supporting this movement, the Casual boys decided to create their own sweatshirts. They peddled the first run in the parking lot of Mt. Baker, out of Brendan’s car. Fortunately they did the smart thing and rolled the money back into the company to make more product.  

After passing through some temporary locations and still unemployed, Dan and Brendo setup shop in West Seattle. The basement became the unofficial office, the living room was used for order fulfillment and the garage housed the screen printing press. Keep in mind, people were still renting rooms out of the house while the Casual Industrees crew worked downstairs. 

Fast forward to 2014 for a new chapter in Casual history. The crew moved their operation to Seattle’s iconic Rainier Brewery. Into a real office. For those not familiar with the Rainier Brewery in Seattle, it would be like moving your crew into the Statue of Liberty and popping bottles in the torch. Continuing their process and lifestyle, the team behind Casual Industrees continues to grow, adapt and have fun along the way. Pretty much living the dream if you ask us. 



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