Red Wing

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The best products are typically the result of a former need that was filled—that statement rings true for Red Wing Shoes. Founded in a small southern Minnesota town on the banks of the upper Mississippi River in 1905, Charles Beckman and the Red Wing Shoe Company began by making sturdy leather work boots for the booming logging, mining and farming industries in the area. Before Red Wing, work boots were focused on toughness and durability, generally lacking in the comfort department. Beckman envisioned a boot that could be both strong and comfortable, making life on the job much more bearable for the hardworking people who needed them.  

Between supplying boots for soldiers in both World Wars and filling orders for every other rugged industry for over 100 years, Red Wing’s excellence and quality have stood the test of time. This achievement wasn’t a fluke or the result of a passing fashion trend, but rather accomplished through years of hard work, endurance and adherence to a promise to never compromise on quality. Applying the same fabrication processes today, Red Wing utilizes premium leather from the S.B. Foot Tanning Company and constructs its boots right here in America.

With a line of products that consistently perform from oil fields and logging sites to city streets and forest trails, Red Wing remains unwavering from Beckman’s original mission. From loggers and oil workers to lovers of the outdoors, Red Wing continues to build quality, timeless products and weave a common thread that many different people appreciate and connect through.


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