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When you carve out an existence in the frozen tundra and harsh winters of Sweden, quality gear isn’t a luxury—it’s a necessity. With a practical heritage and deep Scandinavian roots, Fjällräven has continued to produce functional, durable and timeless equipment since 1960. Originally from the small Swedish town of Örnsköldsvik, Fjällräven has since expanded to every corner of the globe. Born out of necessity, Fjällräven began by creating the first external frame backpack, and later, a tent for hardy mountain excursions.

Defined by a clear set of principles, Fjällräven has stuck to its ideals throughout the years. Goal number one being functionality, Fjällräven does everything it can to develop product while considering aspects ranging from new, innovative solutions to improved materials and technologies. Subsequent goals two and three, durability and dependability, are goals many brands strive for, but few actually achieve. With products that are long lasting, rugged and there when you need them, Fjällräven acknowledges that sometimes the gear on your back or in your pack can make all the difference when shit gets real.

These days, it’s easy to come across watered-down vintage (or wannabe vintage), heritage brands, but Fjällräven is no imitator. Between rigorous field testing in far-reaching and extreme locations, to days spent at home in Örnsköldsvik, the Fjällräven team remains true to the core. As Fjällräven continues to expand to new markets and new regions, it does so with a refined notion of heritage and style that hasn't gone unnoticed.


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