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A new movement was born out of the grease soaked garages of motorcycle madmen from Portland to Tokyo, reviving a way of life that was lost to plastic decades of the 80’s and 90’s. Freedom ain't free, but it’s far from gone, and SEE SEE Motorcycles is spearheading a new generation of bike builders and moto maniacs out of their Portland, Oregon Storefront.

The new wave of craftsman and bike builders has grown into a large community of like-minded moto enthusiasts that are looking at new ways to grow the movement while still paying homage to the past. SEE SEE isn’t just a clothing or coffee company, they are ambassadors of the free-wheeling, hell-raising spirit. Because of this dedication to the growing culture, a passionate community of motorheads has sprung up in Portland and has spread to cities like Seattle and Vancouver, BC. The scene is thick right now, and SEE SEE has been there every step of the way, creating high quality good and well-curated events.

SEE SEE manufactures high-quality motorcycle clothing and accessories. Whether you're chopping down an old Ironhead late night in your garage or trailing your flat tracker to your local oval, SEE SEE has the duds to make you feel at home. Throw on a SEE SEE jacket, kick over your new project and let your hair blow in the breeze. 



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