Field Notes

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For today’s creative and outdoor enthusiasts, Field Notes has created an analog approach to collecting memories, keeping notes, and storing inspiration. While today’s creatives are tuned-in digitally, Field Notes creates well designed and functional notebooks, journals, and memo pads that offer an analog way to store thoughts.

Digital definitely has its place and is the center point for the majority of creative work and communications in the modern era. However, there is a keen desire to reconnect with the analog roots of the past and rediscover processes to help creatives find an innate connection with their work. Field Notes was created by Portland, Oregon-based designer Aaron Draplin, whose work has become synonymous with classic Americana. With a strong desire to reconnect the modern era with the creative work of the past, Draplin created Field Notes so that his fellow creatives, dreamers, and doers could have a cool and functional place to put pencil to paper.

Field Notes remarkable line of utilitarian journals and memo pads will function from the field to the boardroom. Throw a Field Notes notebook in your backpack, back pocket, or travel bag and transcribe your journey as it unfolds. For today’s designers, creatives, writers, and adventure enthusiasts, Field Notes will become a necessity for any note worth exploration.



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