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If there were ever a footwear brand fit for the modern day explorer, it’s Danner. Blending good ol’ nostalgia with contemporary innovation, Danner is as proud of their salt-of-the-earth heritage as they are of employing the latest technologies. With a history and identity that is rooted in the Pacific Northwest, founder Charles Danner relocated the company to Portland, Oregon from Wisconsin in 1936 and the city has remained as its flagship location ever since.

Utilizing premium raw materials and high-quality leather, Danner evolved as the boot outfitter of Midwestern loggers to military members throughout World War II, during which it earned a reputation for being durable, comfortable, and functional footwear. As decades went by, Danner became synonymous with handcrafted, well-made boots and moved the needle from being clunky and tough to innovative and forward-thinking, using Gore-Tex materials and introducing a waterproof design to their hiking boots in the mid-70s.

With function at its core, they are well-known and loved today for creating boots and shoes that look good, too. The best part about Danner? They carry on a long tradition of getting more people outside, all while looking and feeling good doing it.



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