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The reason John Muir is famous isn’t because he traveled the wild lands of the west. It’s because he journaled about those experiences and shared them with the world. Rustico’s origins are bound in a similar way as the founder Isaac Childs describes it.

Documenting trips throughout Europe and our beloved National Parks back in the states, Isaac found himself disappointed in the low quality craftsmanship of his journals. Enrolling in a binding course and creating his first hand-sewn leather journal Childs started Rustico. Based out of Utah, Rustico’s team and product line have grown to be the industry standard for artisan made leather goods.

If you have always wanted to start journaling or have been journaling for years, grab a hand-sewn Rustico journal. You’ll want to write down everything from what you ate for breakfast to seeing your first buffalo in Yellowstone National Park, they feel that good in the hands.

Did we mention each product is American made?



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