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Around the world, the ever-evolving culture of climbing grows more and more. While this sport often seems associated with wild characters and free spirits, the reality of it all brings more meticulous thinking and arduous complexity (The characters definitely still exist). Gramicci brings all of these thoughts and action when creating this playfully line of apparel. Creating well thought out pieces to fit the style that climbers wore when beginning the journey of this marvelous sport during the 70s.  

Founded in 1982, Gramicci was born from a passionate and avid climber: The Stone Master, Michael Graham, who developed the first pair of Gramicci pants out of his garage in California. Innovating the form and functionality from the first pair of pants the creative and multi-functional designs take root from different inspirations including legendary Bruce Lee when taking into account different designs such as the Gusseted Crotch or the fully adjustable belt built within Gramicci bottoms.

Form and functionality are exactly what this brand achieves! Being able to wear Gramicci from head to toe and go from work to the outdoors eliminates the need for that extra pair of clothes in the back of your car. Gramicci’s mission? “Our innovation and passion does not begin and end with our products. We feel that the world is more than just a place to live; it is somewhere to grow up, start a family, adventure to parts unknown and enjoy the freedom of nature.”





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