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To forge a future out of rocks and ice. To search the hills for untethered adventure. To travel the globe testing yourself against the elements. These are all part of the explorer's manifesto. Relying on high-quality gear that can take you anywhere and do anything is on that same manifest. For over 100 years, Filson has been at the forefront of developing the toughest, smartest and most well-crafted garments available – the tradition continues today.

Born out of the Klondike Gold Rush of the late 1800’s, Filson was created out of a necessity for high quality and durable work wear that could stand up to the harshest of environments. With over 100,000 prospectors flocking to the great Yukon territory, C.C. Filson started manufacturing durable goods that could stand up to elements of one of North America’s wildest environments.

Filson’s storied heritage informs its present and future; it is still the workwear and outerwear of choice for outdoorsman, journeyman, and adventure seekers alike. The attention to detail that is put into ever Filson product is unrivaled, and for this reason, Filson doesn’t have customers, they have loyalists. A Filson piece can last a lifetime, and because of the high-quality materials used by Filson, such as Tin Cloth and Mackinaw Wool, its gear only gains character with age.

You don’t have to be a working a gold claim to enjoy Filson's products, as the brand offers a full range of outerwear, everyday wear, travel bags and accessories that offer rugged durability for everyday use. Filson crafts functional designs that are as at home in urban environments as they are in the field. Whether you are testing out your new fly rod on a weekend trout run or commuting to your new gig in the city, Filson will keep you protected from the elements, all while offering classic and renowned style.

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