Inspired Craftsmen

You know those days when it’s cool enough to sip some hot coffee in the morning, and throw on a couple layers for an adventure in the afternoon? What about when that day is topped off with working on a creative project and ends with a couple of pals and a cold beer? I’m pretty sure you’ll agree that those are the best days.

Now that I’ve got your attention - I’ll paint you a picture of my perfect day: Coffee > Motorcycles > Tinkering in the Garage. It seems pretty simple, but each of these elements in a day offers a key moment of craftsmanship that really gets me inspired. This gift guide was curated with my perfect day in mind, any one of these items will be an instant favorite. My love for motorcycles started when I met a rad community of people in Colorado. The balance of the freedom of the open road and the amazing community of people within it had me hooked. The more I tinkered on my bike, learning how to customize my motorcycle, the more excited I was to explore other creative avenues and grow my skills. When I moved to Seattle and had to start over, the moto community welcomed me and fed my energy, one of my favorite motorcycle-community spots is The Wick Coffee Shop. Another place you can find me on a weekly basis is at Milstead & Co. Follow along on my moto adventures - @tiny.daggers, and for even more photos keep an eye on @brittany.delph.