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As seekers and adventurers, we are constantly in pursuit of the unknown. Willing to buck convention in search of wild and new experiences, our dreams are as big as our appetite for exploration. Roark Revival has become synonymous with this very ethos, a brand born out of the need for bold adventures and the gear that could make those adventures possible.

Roark makes products with purpose – the individual purpose of the adventure seeker, the wild ones, and those that are as in love with the journey as they are the destination. Our greatest stories often come from adversity, and adventure is always best served with a fair share of adverse scenes and circumstances. Being pushed beyond your personal boundaries is the essence of cultural and wilderness exploration, and Roark develops its line of apparel and lifestyle goods to enhance the journey, regardless of where that journey takes you.

From haggling in the backroom of a Bangkok market to hiking along the Pacific Crest Trail, Roark is out there in the field putting its products to the test. Roark's line of well-crafted and high-quality jackets, pants, shirts, boardshorts, backpacks and travel accessories are created to withstand the abuse of the road without sacrificing style. Easy to pack and effortlessly cool, Roark’s line of adventure goods are as at home on the open road as they are exploring more familiar surroundings.

For those that heed the call of adventure, for the creatives, and the builders, Roark Revival is a brand that will stand in solidarity with its own ethos. When out on the road collecting the artifacts of adventure and a life well lived, make sure Roark is along for the ride.


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