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The new kid on the block, Wolf Point was founded in 2018 in Chicago. And their vision was clear from the beginning: make handcrafted quality products at an affordable price that is more accessible to the average consumer. Tired of the astronomically high prices of high-quality and high-end products, Wolf Point set out to change that once and for all, making luxury items inspired by the Windy City itself. 

Channeling the spirit of Chicago, the brand’s name came from the location of the city’s first theater, hotel, bar, and countless other firsts that made the city what it is today — including the design for Wolf Point’s first watch! Inspired by the down-to-earth and hardworking culture in the city, the name and logo represents civic pride and an American-standard quality. 

Fast forward to today, and only a year later it’s clear their ingenuity paid off. With all the products engineered, designed, and built in-house, Wolf Point has become a cult-favorite among buyers for their devotion to creating quality, handcrafted products at just the right price.



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