Tools for the Modern Pioneer

WESN creates goods that you can put your life on, (but you hopefully don’t have to.) Confident that their products will live on as long as the memory and influence of those that paved the way for the world we know today.

Today, a pocket knife isn’t only a tool. It’s as much a fashion item that serves to create a lifestyle. With this in mind, our goods pair simplistic design with seamless functionality. They’re meant to last, and if taken care of correctly — to be passed down for generations to come.

Proudly based in Detroit, USA, with roots from Sweden. Connecting ties between industrial America and Scandinavian minimalism — WESN weaves the best parts of both cultures into the products they create. Though only been around for a handful of years, the story has been in the making for generations.

If you’re still wondering if they're a ‘heritage brand’, they can’t claim that title. But plan to be around for decades +.



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