If you've ever heard a newscaster mention hemp on air, you'll know that the claims usually accompany bad puns and connotations about potheads and “the drug war.” Aiming to remove the negative connotations around hemp and raise awareness of the values of supercrops, Jungmaven was founded in Seattle, Washington, in 2005. With a line of American made, fashion-forward, comfortable hemp and hemp/cotton blend tees and hoodies, Jungmaven is out to spread the word on this modern fashion alternative and get everyone in a hemp tee by 2020—a lofty, yet realistic goal.

This goal is not just a sales tactic for Jungmaven. Getting people to wear more hemp is part of a larger goal to help create a healthier planet. While hemp was once legal, it has ultimately been banned in terms of production crops for more than 70 years now. More and more people are pushing for the removal of these laws as the benefits continue to become more well known. One of the first plants to be spun into fiber over 10,000 years ago, hemp is related to cannabis Sativa but has much lower levels of THC, making it unworthy of smoking. Hemp’s benefits read like an environmentalist’s wish list: cleans the air, cleans the water and helps nourish the land. In addition, hemp is one of the world’s best rotation crops, requiring no pesticides and producing more fiber than most natural resources, including cotton, flax and trees.

It’d be one thing if Jungmaven was strictly promoting the use of hemp, but luckily they continue to produce apparel that’s both fashionable, soft, durable and comfortable. As the awareness of hemp continues to grow, expect to see Jungmaven at the helm in terms of its use in a practical and realistic way. From t-shirts and sweatshirts to other wardrobe staples, Jungmaven reminds us that every purchase of a hemp product is also a vote for the re-legalization of hemp food, textiles, homes, plastics, cars and more.


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