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Away from home, under the stars, by the stream, at the camp – this is where we truly come alive. This is who we really are and how we want to be remembered. Never committing the sin of not enjoying ourselves. A spirit born in the Ozarks and carried in the wild throughout these United States and beyond, where we all become Mollyjoggers.

Mollyjoggers represent an almost-forgotten name for a particular species of funny fish found in the streams of the Ozarks. A minnow of sorts, but one never used as bait, it seems the mollyjogger was an acquired taste never obtained by those above it on the food chain – not even gars or turtles. 

In the 1890s, a group of souls regularly took to the wilds of the Ozark Mountains to fill their days with hunting, fishing and evenings telling stories around the campfire. Individually they were shop owners, railroad men, bankers and all manner of respected businessmen. But collectively, they identified as a “noaccount, fun-loving, hard-drinking… minnow tribe.” As carefree and as “worthless” as the noble mollyjogger.

Today, their spirit lives on in the men – and women – who embody the frame of mind of the Mollyjoggers Fishing & Hunting Club. They believe that to find yourself, you must first lose yourself, preferably at a camp near a river, lake or wooded area. This ethos lives on in the Ozarks today, and Mollyjogger is sharing it with the world. What you’ll find offered here is a selection of their goods, gear and a peek into their way of life.

“Enjoy yourself as you go along in life, --- for you are going to be a long time dead.” Mollyjogger Camp Cook circa 1900



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