Yellow 108

From well-traveled nomads to the rustic cowboys of the Wild West, the wide brimmed fedora hat has been a fashion staple for centuries. And for good reason –  when it comes to functional style, nothing beats a well worn and well-crafted hat. Being on the road means being exposed to the elements; the sun shines, the wind blows and the rain falls regardless of your daily agenda. To assure you are well prepared and protected, Yellow 108 crafts world-renowned hats for seekers, lovers and creatives.

Yellow 108’s stylish and functional hats, accessories, and home goods are a testament to its mission, which is to create high-quality products primarily from salvaged and recycled materials. Based in the always fashion forward city of Los Angeles, California, Yellow 108 blends street style, bohemian and beach cultures into products that are both stylish and sustainable.

With many of its products made in the USA, craftsmanship and utility are important to the creators at Yellow 108. Its products are made with durable material so you can take them on the road and rest assured they will look good, whether you’re exploring off of the beaten path or dancing until the sun comes up.

Yellow 108’s collection of stylish full brimmed fedoras and handcrafted home goods and accessories make the perfect addition to any traveler's or homesteader's collection. Whether you're traveling abroad or just exploring your own surroundings, Yellow 108 has a style that can handle the adventure.


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