The James Brand

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There are essentially two types of people in the world: those generally content with the way things are, and a smaller crowd who see a constant potential to improve them. The team at The James Brand are of the latter party. Founded in Portland, Oregon, in 2012 by a group of designers and adventurers, The James Brand was looking to find a better knife. They soon realized they would have to make what they were looking for, simply because it didn’t exist yet. Reconsidering the design of one of the oldest human tools, The James Brand looked to utilize premium materials and create an everyday carry knife based off a minimalist design and an astute attention to detail.

James has a simple, three-point mission statement, sensibly starting with, “We Design Knives” – more specifically, knives for everyday use. Its second value, “We Live to Explore,” speaks to like-minded adventurers; those unsatisfied consuming other’s stories and more interested in creating their own. A final value, “We Believe,” succinctly wraps up The James Brand’s philosophy that the knife one carries speaks volumes about their values.     

By following those three basic principles, The James Brand has been able to stay true, stay focused and continue creating knives that eventually find a home in the hands and pockets of a growing, appreciative community. 


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