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An aesthetic is an essential element of a highly refined life. Modern luxuries aside the creative culture enthusiast buck conventional wisdom in the name of personal exploration. Personal style speaks volumes, and with this in mind, COAL Headwear was created by a group of passionate seekers who felt that the hats, beanies, and caps that you choose to support your journey are more than just an accessory.

From the streets to the peaks, COAL Headwear is based in the cultural stronghold of Seattle, Washington. In the same city that has produced a number of cultural icons in the music, art, creative, and adventure world, COAL found its niche in producing well designed and functional hats, beanies, fedoras, and accessories. Making stylized and functional headwear has made COAL a recognized name in the lifestyle and culture market, a scene in which they have pioneered style-forward design for over 15 years.

With a unique perspective and a focus on minimal design, COAL offers go anywhere, do anything headwear that will stand up to any adventure. From backpacking through Europe to scouring the coast of Japan in search of the perfect wave, COAL makes hats and accessories that make exploration easier. Since 2002, COAL has remained an aesthetically driven brand for creatives, outdoors enthusiasts, and modern nomads.



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