Snow Peak

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A well-designed product is the pinnacle of form and function, allowing for both superior look and performance. Snow Peak is an inspired line of clothing and outdoor goods that are designed with the outdoor enthusiast in mind. Adventure seekers no longer have to sacrifice style when exploring both in the wild and within urban environments. Snow Peak offers both clothing and camping essentials for those that live for being outdoors.

Snow Peak was a concept developed by Japanese mountaineer and visionary Yukio Yamai, who saw an opportunity to create superior gear for like-minded adventure seekers. Inspired by his local surroundings, Yamai used the wealth of inspiring scenery right in his backyard to create his renowned line. Featuring timeless styles, rich colors, and superior craftsmanship, Snow Peak goes the distance in terms of both style and durability.

For those that like to explore in more natural settings, Snow Peak also creates durable, lightweight and innovative camping goods. Whether getting away for the weekend or embracing the Van Life movement, Snow Peak has everything you need to enjoy the outdoors. From lightweight camping stoves to titanium flasks and bottles, Snow Peak makes getting outside easy. The brand's well-crafted camping goods and outdoor essentials are made with modern exploration in mind. Snow Peak takes pride in making products that can last for generations.



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