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Before the advent of neoprene wetsuits, surfers in the 50’s covered themselves with petroleum jelly and layered up with wool Pendleton flannels to stay warm in the water. While sliding into a hooded 5/4 has replaced what seem like ancient styles in the waves, the onshore look hasn’t changed much. 

Pendleton’s roots began with the manufacturing of Indian trading blankets, which were used as basic apparel and standard trade currency among Native Americans. Through research and implementation of color and design preferences of the local and Southwest Native Americans, Pendleton paid homage to tradition and helped to introduce a neighborly, yet foreign culture to the rest of the world. Eventually forging their way into the apparel business, most notably with the classic Pendleton Flannel shirt, the brand’s reach grew to span four seasons per year and now caters to a wide range of men and women who value the many qualities of wool.

Unsurpassed for over well over a century, Pendleton has been able to retain hold of its heritage and continues to leave a legacy of quality in its wake. Whether a new investment, thrift store gem or heirloom hand-me-down, Pendleton garments, blankets, and accessories are a true representation of timeless quality and style.


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