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Handcrafted, high quality and locally manufactured goods are a favorite among today's creative and outdoor crowds. Understanding the importance of quality and sustainability that is at the center of American made goods is important to those that find inspiration in wild places. With this in mind, Square Trade Goods Co. has created a line of apparel and home goods that reflect the ethos that drives them. Made in Richmond, VA, Square Trade takes elements of adventure and infuses it into every product.

From the homesteader to the road dog and everyone in between, Square Trade Goods line of apparel, candles, apothecary, and reed diffusers allows those that live for the trail to never be far from the aroma of their preferred locals. For those that find pleasure in the woods, spinning tales around a midnight campfire, STG has a product that will carry you to a place removed from the stresses of the daily grind. Each product from Square Trade Goods is made with all-natural ingredients by passionate craftsmen and women who are dedicated to their craft.

Whether using one of their apothecaries in the wild or traveling the world using one of their amazing candles to inspire dreams of far off places, fantasies will abound with Square Trade Goods. For those that enjoy the journey as much as they enjoy the destination, Square Trade's product will be reminiscent of all the amazing adventures you’ve had while exploring the wild.



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