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The phrase “after successful a Kickstarter campaign” has become a familiar addition to the announcement of many start-ups in recent years. That was the case for Brooklyn, New York-based W&P Design. After launching a Kickstarter campaign for its first product, a Mason jar cocktail shaker, the company, founded by Eric Prum and Josh Williams, has continued to skyrocket. Since 2012, W&P Design has created over 200 original food and beverage products. Constantly bringing new ideas to life in the food and drink arena, W&P Design combines Eric’s design and manufacturing experience with Josh’s professional culinary training to create a wide range of beautiful bar and kitchen tools.

Adhering to a mission to bring new, and sometimes crazy, products to life, everything that W&P offers is designed make everyday encounters with food and drinks more approachable, more intuitive and more fun. W&P Design is unique in the fact it is a full-stack product design company, meaning it is able to see ideas through from design to manufacturing and finally through to delivery. It’s not common and not an easy process, but W&P believes this is the way to stay true to the original vision that allows its customers to get quality products they can trust.

With a design team that creates every product from scratch and works with high-quality manufacturers around the world, W&P strives to make the best products possible. Whether you’re investing in a new coffee brew set, specialty ice cube forms or an in-flight cocktail kit, W&P has created a line of functional, well-designed products that come with a healthy dose of fun. With every shake and stir, W&P Design is changing the food and beverage world for the better.


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