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Our favorite outdoor adventures, from climbing and hiking to skating and snowboarding, require specific attention to gear and attire. Why would anybody overlook a piece that holds everything in place? The highly active folks at Arcade Belts found that most belt options paid little mind to the rigors of their own lifestyles. So, they set out to build a product that held up to expectations.

Arcade Belts is the result, boasting a line of accessory wear that moves when you move, endures punishment and comes back for more. Each combines simple, quality materials in cool and classic designs that look great on and off the trails. In 2018 alone, they’ve appeared in publications ranging from Men’s Health to Fish Alaska to Forbes. Whether you’re a seven-day-per-week outdoorsperson, a weekend warrior or just want a belt that looks cool and doesn’t bind, Arcade’s full line of reinvented pant-savers has the fit.


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