Hella Slingshots

Survey those around you for cornerstones of their childhoods, and you might find a fondness for the mischievous. Tire-swings, wiffle ball bats, and yo-yos inspire warm nostalgia and sheer joy, but perhaps none more so than the slingshot. Something about the gamesmanship of target practice or the thrill of facing off against one’s friends.

It’s this youthful exuberance behind the creation of Hella Slingshots. Founded in 2018, it revives and updates the classic slingshot design and, in the process, the spirit of roguishness and marksmanship. Each Hella slingshot is hand-crafted from real tree branches, leather payload holster and latex tubing, giving them a slightly unique, sturdy companion for hiking, biking and camping trips. And with a variety of ammunition — including colorful seed bombs, wooden balls and felt pellets — Hella’s stock is fit for myriad situational uses, from mowing down beer cans to settling an office dispute.



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