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Having a real impact on reducing your carbon footprint means more than using a canvas tote bag for your groceries–it means fully committing to a sustainable, progressive lifestyle. Houdini Sportswear understands that, and has been leading the charge on sustainability since it was founded in 1993–way before sustainability became the buzz word it is today.

Houdini Sportswear takes the Swedish traditions of craftsmanship and ethical work and applies them to making high performance, functional, and zero-impact jackets, pants, midlayers, base layers, and everything in between. The company that started as a humble climbing brand now has a lofty goal with its products – to change the world for the better – and it’s commitment to achieving that goal has led Houdini to transforming the majority of its products to a circular lifespan. That means almost all Houdini products can be recycled and remade through a closed-loop recycling system, and the company also offers second-hand sales and repair services for their products. Looking forward, the company plans to go further than achieving a net-zero carbon impact, and actually achieving a regenerative business model that actively improves the environment.

Made for chalky hands and torn palms, carefree smiles and caring hearts, the brand combines the minimalist, lasting style typical of its Scandinavian roots with a moral compass that is unflinching. With a commitment to durability and timeless fits and patterns, a piece of Houdini Sportswear clothing isn’t simply a one-time gear purchase: it’s an ongoing investment in style and performance that will last for years–even decades–down the road.



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