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Named after the Opinel family from the Savoie region of the French Alps, the Opinel Knife has become a must-have item of French “savior-vivre” and is considered a design icon throughout the world. Not bad for a simple folding knife that’s remained unchanged since 1890. While the materials and color may change from one collection to the next, the original style and function remains deeply rooted in history and tradition.

A timeless item, an Opinel Knife is equally at home in the palm of professionals and rugged outdoorsmen as it is in the pockets of fisherman, gardeners and lovers of fine craftsmanship. Often given as gifts and passed down to loved ones, the Opinel Knife lives in a world of tradition when creating simple, efficient and durable products was the goal. Fast forward over a hundred years and not a whole lot has changed with this iconic company. Still based in France, still hand made, and still produced with the same care then as now, Opinel has found itself at the forefront all over again.



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