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Motor oil on jeans. Sun blasted t-shirts. Warm summer seas off the east coast of Australia. These are some of our favorite things.

Thrills is a subculture-driven fashion brand that hails from the coastal paradise of Byron Bay. The company creates for the modern-day outsider, those who are fueled by a passion for music, art and the way of life that purrs from a fixed up Harley. It’s retro street meets machine culture in throwback prints, faded workshop wear, and denim. Lots of denim.

Started in 2011 from their base at the easternmost point of mainland Australia, Thrills’ Founders, Brooke McGregor, Tabitha Shafran (now McGregor) and Ryan Collins began as a vintage motorcycle import and customisation business. To bring in some extra cash, they started designing streetwear with a keen eye towards the past, and for the future. In 2020, they’ve switched to 100% organic cotton for their best-selling denim, and incorporate environmentally friendly fabrics such as hemp, ramie, recycled cotton and linen to reduce their footprint. They’re riding the long road towards a sustainable future, atop their favorite v-twin, of course.



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