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Born in a rural Vermont barn in 1977, Burton has been creating cutting edge snowboard equipment, outerwear, apparel and more ever since. Having played an integral part of snowboarding's growth as it transitioned from a niche backyard hobby to a mainstream, world-class Olympic sport, Burton continues to provide industry leading R&D and innovation through a wide range of products. From snowboards, bindings, boots and outerwear, to luggage, bags, apparel and everything in between, Burton has remained committed to pushing boundaries while remaining an inclusive, rider-driven brand.

With a team of world-class athletes like Terje Haakonsen, Danny Davis and Mark McMorris both progressing the sport and lending expertise in product development and testing, one can be assured every piece of Burton gear has been put through a rigorous induction process. Between team rider testing and the Craig Kelly Prototype Facility, which allows for rapid board and binding prototyping and testing, each and every Burton product has been thoroughly vetted and proven in its own right. With all of the product created over the years, sustainability has become a driving factor for the company. After taking a hard look at supply chains and environmental impacts, Burton has become one of the leading voices for sustainability in the outdoor industry.   

Now 40 years, countless innovations and many powder turns later, Burton continues to push boundaries of product design to a whole new generation of riders. Whether you’re logging a hundred days a year, new to the sport, or just looking for a solid piece of luggage to stand out in the baggage claim, Burton truly offers something for everyone. While there have been many imitators and emulators, through it all Burton has persisted and still reigns as an industry leader.


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