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The good life doesn't have to stop when you are on the road, at the campsite, or enjoying a remote cabin in the woods. Today’s adventures are made more enjoyable by brands that are dedicated to providing products that enhance the journey, no matter where that journey takes you. GrowlerWerks created their pressurized growler – the uKeg – so you could cool down after a long day of exploring the wild in high style with your favorite craft beer.

Designed by a team of engineers and beer lovers, the GrowlerWerks UKeg is a top of the line pressurized growler that will quickly be a favorite accessory amongst beer enthusiasts. Libations abound with GrowlerWerks as their innovative growler keeps craft beer cold and perfectly pressurized while on the trail or at home. The GrowlerWerks team is equal parts mad scientist and beer lover, as their growlers are as functional as they are beautiful.

GrowlerWerks is dedicated to keeping your favorite microbrews fresh by using high-grade materials and cutting edge design. The Oregon-based crew aimed to create a product that could keep their favorite beers from going flat and stale while enjoying the many adventures the region provided. With the uKeg, GrowlerWerks has conceived and manufactured a growler that is not only easy to pack and carry, but that is also winning the war against flat, warm beer.



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