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Built for the seeking yet practical adventurer, DUER sparks a new wave of pants wearable all day at the office and seamlessly transitions to the mountains. DUER speaks to its brand name, focused on versatility and being made for duers everywhere while believing that the more comfortable the clothing you wear, the more you will pay attention to the truly important things in life.

New to the fashion functionality game, DUER paved its own pathway in 2013 by founder: Gary Lenett who saw the opportunity to create a new and purposeful fashion. He partnered with his longtime friend: Abid Hafeez, a performance fabric expert specifically with technical brands. Taking into account a huge commitment to environmental and social responsibility, DUER meticulously chooses which partners to work with; ensuring they are an equal part of the DUER mission. The minimization of DUER’s environmental impact is one that starts at a fibre level using three primary fabrics: Performance Denim: 70% organic cotton, No Sweat: 52% organic cotton and 28% tencel and Live Lite: 52% organic cotton and 37% tencel. Using tencel which is a Eucalyptus-derived fibre certifiably compostable and biodegradable! DUER does everything they can to be sustainably driven and is always looking for new avenues to meet this goal.

In the way that they source, create and sell, DUER is a go-to staple for the active and outlandish individual. Thinking ethically not just about what you are wearing, but in how you live your day to day life!



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