The Unbranded Brand

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Today’s denim world is overwhelmingly rife with branding elements. From high-minded designers to budget wear, even the most casual shopper can likely identify the giants of jean. And despite, or perhaps because of, this, The Unbranded Brand is committed to eschewing the celebrity endorsements and elaborate ad campaigns in which other premium apparel labels drench their clothing in favor of giving you the highest possible quality.

The folks at The Unbranded Brand believe that overpriced and overhyped denim are silly. So instead they focus on essential reasons people pull on their favorite pair: great fit, durability and character. Their rope-dyed selvedge denim stands out because of the process and life of the jean, made specifically to wear with time like a piece of art (and, crucially, art you can wear). And yet there are no brands, no labels, no chiseled faces and abs on giant posters. The Unbranded Brand strives simply to make the best possible jean, long lasting and unique, without compromise.



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