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Many of us long for adventure; we love the pace of the open road, and live for the call of the wild. Well-designed and durable gear becomes nothing short of essential for those that are dedicated to a life of exploration. Seeking a product that could stand up to any of life’s adventures, Yeti was founded by two brothers in Austin, Texas, who needed a solution that met the needs presented by their outdoor expeditions and looked damn good doing so.

Lifelong fisherman and outdoor enthusiasts, the Seiders brothers created Yeti so they could have coolers that could be counted on year after year. Tired of inferior products that would break in the field or need replacement after a single season, Ryan and Roy founded Yeti. Since its inception, Yeti has been focused on providing the most durable and functional coolers and outdoor accessories on the market.

Yeti started off with the Tundra, the most highly regarded cooler on the market by today’s outdoorsmen and women. Following its early success, Yeti has diversified its product line and now offers a wide range of coolers, ramblers, hoppers and tanks that each live up to the initial product requirements set for their original cooler. Trail, sea, and camp ready, Yeti coolers and accessories are built for those that value durability and demand the highest standards for their outdoor gear.


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