Tanner Goods

When your authentic mission as a brand is to create long lasting products with an unparalleled focus on quality and longevity, you will undoubtedly connect with today's adventure and creative enthusiasts. Tanner Goods was founded with these principles at the forefront of their brand. Founded in the naturally beautiful and mindfully modern city of Portland, Oregon, Tanner set out with a clear focus on crafting well-designed leather goods that would last for ages to come. Tanner has set the standard for exceptional leather craftsmanship, now offering travel-inspired bags, belts, wallets and much more.

Tanner Goods uses high-quality materials, a time tested manufacturing process, and modern design to create world class products. The brand is dedicated to the highest level of craftsmanship, and because of this, its products go the distance standing up to inclement weather and years of abuse, all while looking cooler with age, wear and tear. For those looking for a belt, wallet or bag that can that last a lifetime and be passed onto future generations, Tanner Goods is an unrivaled choice.

Tanner not only makes products for today’s makers, doers, and seekers, its products are made by a talented team of modern-day adventurers and creative enthusiasts. The Tanner family is a comprised of a group of dedicated outdoorsmen and women, artists, and adventure athletes that ensure the products they make will endure the lifestyles they lead. Let your travels take you far and wide, let your dreams be bold, and let your hair blow in the wind. But no matter where your journey takes you, always know your Tanner Goods will go the distance.


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