Richer Poorer

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Simplistic and classic style is the essence of a minimalist lifestyle. For those who choose to roam and seek adventure, there’s no time to be spared fretting over trends. From the rubber tramps to those living off the grid, functional and timeless pieces are essential for anyone who values craft, quality, and style. The basic tee has been a staple of this movement for decades and the ongoing search for the perfect tees, underwear, and minimalist sweatshirts is complete with the advent of Richer Poorer.

Seeing a need for comfortable and stylized fashion staples, Richer Poorer was developed by a passionate group of dreamers, builders, and adventure enthusiasts who were seeking wear anywhere, do anything classics. Perfecting the always iconic black-and-white pocket tee has been a cornerstone of the Richer Poorer mission, and their accomplishments have not gone unnoticed by brand loyalists.

Richer Poorer's collection of modern tees, comfortable sweats, boxer briefs, stylish socks and women's wear is a favorite among today's modern adventurer. Easy to pack and highly versatile, Richer Poorer can take you from a night of urban exploration to a day hiking along a misty mountain trail, all without missing a beat. With rich features like merino wool, organic cotton, and dyed garment, these American made classics are up to any adventure you choose to embark on.

Staying true to its mission of elevating everyday objects, Richer Poorer is redefining what it means to feel inspired by daily wear. Whether you’re are dressing up for a night of revelry or preparing for a day in the field, Richer Poorer has a product that will enhance your journey.


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