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Warm-weather and beachfront imagery often come to mind with the mention of most established surf brands. Rarely would one think to align those breezy beach vibes with the large metropolitan center of New York City, but the team behind Saturdays NYC saw an opportunity. Though anchored in the heart of the city, beach access to quality surf is just a short train ride away from the Saturdays HQ, which, in turn, has led to a die-hard subculture of metropolitan surfers. Looking to offer a more substantial experience than standard surf brands, Saturdays NYC embarked on a mission to completely flip the industry on its head.  

Brought together by the love of surfing and the desire to create a the close-knit community, three friends set out to establish a brand, a store and a coffee shop – all in one – in the heart of NYC’s Tribeca neighborhood. Within a few short years of their 2009 launch, word rapidly spread across the globe, and more eyes began to follow the innovative new label and growing cultural icon. As the in-house brand was busy producing fashion-forward, high-quality apparel and accessories season after season, the shop continued to grow in popularity and quickly became a gathering place for the broader community.

From swimwear and apparel to custom surfboards and curated accessories, Saturdays NYC products seem to transcend surf culture without abandoning it. The attention to detail offered by Saturdays’ designers is easily apparent with the fits, styles and quality materials used. Able to cater to a wide audience without estranging the core surf crowd, Saturdays NYC has accomplished in a few short years what other brands have spent a lifetime striving to achieve.



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