DEUS Ex Machina

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Turn in, tune on, and drop out. Mastering life is surely subjective, but when it comes to the lads over at DEUS, it’s hard to imagine a group of humans traveling a more inspired path. What started as a group of Australian creators focused on living every day to the fullest turned into one of the most inspired and sought after brands in the world.

DEUS is now synonymous with a way of living deeply rooted in the culture of custom surfboards and motorcycle building. Finding inspiration in the two-wheeled mania of Bali, DEUS opened its first location in the town of Canggu, on Bali’s South Coast, appropriately dubbed The Temple of Enthusiasm. What started as a place for inspired motorheads and surf rats to gather has established itself as a leader in the handcrafted motorcycle and alternative surf movement.

Looking for a positive way to fund their passion for custom surf craft and motorcycles, the crew at DEUS began selling t-shirts, and quickly found that there was a community of like-minded enthusiasts willing to support a company dedicated to life’s greatest pursuits. Out of humble beginnings, DEUS has since grown into a full-fledged label, offering an inspired line that plays like the perfect accomplice to bold, spirited pursuits.

DEUS is over a decade deep and still inspiring those who believe that the journey is the reward. With a number of flagship locations spanning the globe, a full line of clothing and accessories, dream worthy media production, and continually bike and surfboard projects, DEUS is as relevant as ever. Revivalist of the finest forms, DEUS is always focused on how to integrate the best parts of the past into future forward design and products. Any true life enthusiast will feel fortunate to have DEUS Ex Machina gear along for the journey.


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