Ranger Station

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From the days of pouring candles in a garage and packing them on a living room floor, Ranger Station Candles has been built around the simple idea of taking life by storm. Since 2015, the team behind Ranger Station has believed the currency of life is in the experiences taken and memories made. Founded by two twin brothers and dreamt up while one was touring the world as musician, Ranger Station candles started as a hobby and quickly grew into a full time job and brotherly partnership due to increasing demand.

Standing behind the motto, “We pour the scent. You pour the spirit.” quite literally, every Ranger Station Candle has been made in its own cocktail glass. Simply burn and enjoy the candle, clean out the class, then pour and enjoy a cocktail. It’s this idea of dual-use that sets Ranger Station Candles apart from the crowd, and with an activity that’s easy to get behind.



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