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Peak Design launched in May 2011, one year after founder Peter Dering completed a 4-month trip around the world. An avid photographer from San Francisco, Dering found that lugging a DSLR camera in such a way was a total pain. Upon his return to the Bay Area, he quit his job and set about designing an efficient and all-purpose way to carry photo gear.

A leap of faith (and several successful Kickstarter campaigns) later, Peak’s flagship Capture bag was born, setting Dering and the pack company down the path to success. Peak has produced more than 100 products designed for those who see life via lens and shutter and who never sit still for too long. The company considers itself design-first, meaning each detail and outcome are meticulously incorporated into each product — all with a lifetime guarantee. The most crowdfunded company on the planet, it works for, and learns from, its customers to create high quality camera gear ready to take on the great outdoors.



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