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Technology has become inextricably intertwined in modern life, and that shouldn’t cease when you decide to venture into the outdoors. Outdoor Tech was started in 2009 to address that issue, helping you stay connected–not tethered–while out exploring.

Music is the driving force that fuels many a fire. So why should that fire be put out just because you’re sitting by, say, a campfire, instead of inside your home? Whether hiking, camping, biking, skiing, climbing, or just having a stroll through the woods, Outdoor Tech builds audio devices and speakers designed to seamlessly integrate into any outdoor adventure and withstand a beating while doing so. From earbuds to speakers to helmet audio systems, if you want to bring the beats to the backcountry, Outdoor Tech is happy to help.

But Outdoor Tech isn’t simply an audio company – far from it. Portable batteries, charging cables, solar-powered camping accessories; Outdoor Tech makes it all, and they make it all durable. Because what good is taking your camera on a weeklong backpacking expedition if it runs out of batteries after two days?

Modern technology runs amok and can feel like an anchor – a constant weight of nonstop emails and notifications pulling our attention away from what’s important. But, when properly harnessed, technology has the ability to enhance what is most important to us – to catapult our adventures to a new level through integration. Outdoor Tech is here to do just that.



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