Bridge & Burn

There’s a rugged beauty in the Pacific Northwest that is defined by misty mountains, rough seas, and resilient locals. A hub of amazing culture, stunning scenery, and adverse weather, the Northwest is responsible for some of the most prominent creatives and craftsman in today's world. Among them is the talented team at Portland’s Bridge & Burn, who have turned their creative aspirations into one of today's most sought-after clothing and outerwear lines.

From humble beginnings, Bridge & Burn launched an outerwear line for creatives and outdoors enthusiasts that shared a passion for exploration and style. Heavily inspired by its surroundings, Bridge & Burn used its surrounding environment to inform its design and craftsmanship. Living in an inclement climate allowed the designers at Bridge & Burn to design clothing that was as functional as it was stylish. With design, detail, and impeccable fit at the forefront of their process, the team has created a community of brand loyalists who trusts their products to function in all elements.

A sense of adventure can inform our daily lives. From our creative projects to exploring our local surroundings, being inspired doesn’t have to come in the form of risking life and limb. We can challenge ourselves and find inspiration in our daily lives if we have an open mind and a willingness to look around every corner. Bridge & Burn’s men and women’s lines are designed with the inspired in mind. From every day creative and culture enthusiasts to those that seek adventure at every turn, Bridge & Burn’s jackets, tees, button-ups, pants, dresses, hats, and accessories are an excellent choice to help you live life to the fullest and pursue the good life with reckless abandon.

Take it with you on the road and let it guide you close to home. Always know that when it’s time to count on your functional clothing and outerwear, Bridge & Burn is an unrivaled choice for the intersection of style and function.


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