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Let’s face it. “Outdoor adventures” is a pretty broad term these days. With extreme nomads headed off on epic trips in every direction and gearing up with the best specialty product money can buy, it’s nice to know that some brands still cater to a simpler audience. Poler was born in Portland, Oregon in 2011, during a time when everything was getting lighter, faster and sleeker. Poler realized it was the perfect time to inject a little fun in the outdoor industry. Whether you intake daily #campvibes or have spent a night in the infamous Napsack, it's no doubt Poler has at some point crossed your radar in recent years.

With a fun, lighthearted take on the outdoors, Poler is about purely and simply getting outside for daily adventures, reminding us it doesn’t take a summit attempt to make memories. With a line of approachable and affordable camp gear and lifestyle apparel that’s both practical and fashionable, Poler has awakened a new market of casual adventurers. From tents, bags, tees and caps to the groundbreaking Napsack, Poler has created a disturbance in the force with its fresh approach.

If Poler hasn’t grown the outdoor market on its own, it’s certainly put a spotlight on it. By admitting its gear is not designed for super extreme excursions, Poler is quick to remind us that spending quality time outdoors can still be lighthearted and fun. Whether you find yourself surf-camping down the 101, seeking out small town skate parks, or getting lost in the woods for an extended weekend, know there’s a brand that represents your laid back values.


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