Helly Hansen

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Helly Hansen came to life after Norwegian sea captain, Helly Juell Hansen, created a more durable form of waterproof outerwear in 1877. Designed to handle the wettest conditions, the original products were an innovative combination of coarse linen that was soaked in linseed oil. 

Not just for hardcore 19th century Norwegian wayfarers, Helly Hansen was made for anyone who spends their time taking the brunt of cold air, wind, or water. Whether that’s outside in the wild or at the jobsite, these products were built to go the distance and make sure you’re comfortable while wearing them. Plus, they look pretty amazing, too. 

Despite their popularity worldwide, their Scandinavian heritage is woven into every aspect of the brand, right down to the very fiber of their technical fabrics. The humble beginnings of an oil-soaked linen evolved into a collaboration with Norwegian companies to create the first fleece. Today, they have a reputation for being a go-to brand for high-performance base, mid and outer layers. 

For the last century, Helly Hansen has been, and continues to be, an industry standard among outdoor athletes and trusted professionals who navigate ocean swells and scale mountains. Yet, you don’t need to be up against harsh Nordic conditions, slipping on a Helly Hansen jacket will give you unparalleled warmth, comfort and protection from the elements no matter where in the world you are.



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