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Whether deep in the backcountry or dealing with unpredictable weather closer to home, dependable gear is vital for any unplugged adventure. From being able to start a fire in the most extreme conditions to shining light where you need it most, UCO is all about dependability. With initials standing for Utility & Comfort in the Outdoors, UCO designs products with useful features, with the primary goal of making time outside safer and more comfortable.

These goals are nothing new for the 40-year old PNW company. Founded in 1971, UCO initially gained recognition for functional and simple products like the Original Candle Lantern and their Stormproof Matches. Over time, the company has continued its focus on simplicity and functionality, creating products rooted around lighting and fire-starting for the rugged outdoors, home use and emergency preparedness kits.

With its masterful experience at the forefront and a 40-year heritage behind them, UCO and its products continue to stand the test of time. With a dedication to fulfilling the same demands and a lasting emphasis on creating functional products that work when you need them, everything from UCO represents their original acronym and mission. 



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