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The co-founders of Chicago Comb, John and Tedd, have been friends since the 7th grade.  Growing up in the 1980s, they were keenly aware of how the closures of factories and the decline of manufacturing was affecting Chicago and the rest of the country.  Over the years, in between other things, they would talk often about how great it would be to reverse that trend by bringing back great local manufacturing.

Fast forward twenty years. In early 2010, the idea for Chicago Comb was born. From early discussions, the idea for a beautiful, high-end men's hair comb was born. There was nothing like it on the market. Indeed, metal combs, like a lot of other products, had disappeared from the market decades ago. Inspired by what they saw, John and Tedd decided then to make the world's finest combs.

Chicago Comb Co. metal combs showcase timeless elements of design which transform the commonplace into the extraordinary.  Chicago Comb Co. was founded on the principle that everyday objects should also be enduring works of sculpture and design. The brand employs artisan manufacturing methods which blend the latest technology with traditional hand craftsmanship. The result is the finest metal comb in the world.

Chicago Combs are 100% designed and made in the United States using the highest quality materials. Their vision is to create combs which will be treasured and admired across generations.  Like a classic wristwatch or elegant cufflinks, Chicago Comb believes that a fine comb is one of the essential elements of a gentleman's style.  Rather than fashion, which is often transient, they aim to create combs which reflect an enduring style and permanence.



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