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Secrid was borne from the desire to revive a dying trade that had nearly disappeared in their tiny home country. After witnessing a startling decline in the design and production of leather goods in the Netherlands, the team developed and successfully implemented, a thoughtful yet radical new process that would eventually relaunch the entire industry within a few short years.

After rolling out a cleaner and more environmentally-friendly method of crafting leather wallets and pocket-sized goods, Secrid had not only drummed up excitement in the community but inspired a new social enterprise that held ethical values at its core. Fair and favorable working conditions, high-quality artisan goods, and a passion for forward-thinking design are what defines the Secrid brand.   

20 years and numerous awards later (Red Dot Design Award in 2010 and European Aluminium Award in 2012), they continue to take pride in their sustainable business practices and their creation of both leather and aluminum goods. Secrid is a brand that values heritage and craftsmanship through and through. Every wallet and pocket-sized good receives a stamp with its own unique serial number, as proof of its undeniable authenticity. More than just functional elevated carry, Secrid’s creations are a beautiful symbol of dedication and appreciation for the handmade.



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