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When you hear the name Wrangler, images of a dusty old beater pair of boots and a sturdy pair of denim jeans come to mind. Maybe, you’d even hear the distant sound of a twangy guitar playing Country Western songs, or the smells of a working farm on a hot summer day. It’s also possible that you’d think about your own pair that folded up in your bottom drawer, still in good condition after years of hardy wear and tear.

Etched into the history of the American Western culture, Wrangler is a brand that has endured and evolved long enough to still exist within our lexicon today. And, it has a lineage that can be traced back to the first pair of jeans made in 1947. Dreamed up and brought to life by celebrity tailor, Rodeo Ben, these jeans were worn by the likes of Freckles Brown and Jim Shoulders, cowboys of the day, who endorsed Wrangler jeans for durability, quality, and authenticity.

Decades after Shoulders and Brown had donned a pair and rode their bucking broncos straight into the world championships, the Wrangler ideology continues to live on as a brand that recognizes and celebrates courageous individuality. Above all, having a respect for and commitment to oneself exists in tandem to the betterment of one another and the community. That’s why, the modern day Wrangler has embraced environmental stewardship and sustainable practices with the same kind of grit and perseverance that they have always been known for. Think: the same workhorse jeans, made from eco-friendly materials as a show of respect to the Western landscape that has come to define their heritage.

Not one to be leveled by tough circumstances, Wrangler charges forward, as they always do, like true pioneers, to leave behind an even better legacy.



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