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While America may have been the inventors of denim jeans, it was the Japanese who later adopted the craft and developed a remarkable specialty, separating themselves from the rest of the market. Founded in Montreal, Quebec, in 2006 by second-generation denim enthusiast, Brandon Svarc, Naked and Famous looked towards Japan to find others with a similar obsession for unique denim. While searching for high-quality denim made with traditional methods, Naked and Famous began sewing its own jeans from an office in Montreal, eventually garnering somewhat of a cult following. Naked and Famous is about no washing, no pre-distressing and no nonsense—just making great, lasting denim at a reasonable price.

With higher quality and with more soul than today’s mass-produced denim, Japanese selvage denim is slowly and painstakingly woven on seasoned looms. While selvage denim is not unique to Naked and Famous, its attention to detail and traditional weaving techniques work to set the brand apart. Using vintage low-speed shuttle looms, Naked and Famous’ selvage denim is the result of honoring and appreciating a manufacturing tradition and sharing a culture of craftsmanship. This selvage denim helps Naked and Famous jeans fade beautifully with each wear and wash.

While many American manufacturers began moving toward more affordable, mass production, Japanese manufacturers kept the tradition alive, valuing quality over quantity. Working directly with mills in Japan, Naked and Famous is able to develop progressive fabrics like glow-in-the-dark denim, cashmere blends, raspberry scratch-n-sniff, reflective denim and rainbow fade denim. This dedication to quality, traditional methods production and integration of modern style is what sets Naked and Famous apart. With all its products cut and sewn in Canada, the brand is able to devote all its resources to finding the world’s best fabric and turning it into jeans that will last a lifetime.


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