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The Hindenburg. The Spanish Civil War. Vietnam. James Dean. Che Guevara. For the last century, Leica cameras have captured iconic images of landmark political, cultural and social moments around the globe.

Founded in 1914 in Germany by Ernst Leitz, Leica has been at the forefront of innovation in the world of perspective and image-making. Leitz’s original design not only diverted from traditional image framing, it catered to the mobile, with collapsible lenses fit for hiking, biking and worldwide travel. The company’s focus on the user experience has prompted some press outlets to describe its following as ‘cult-like’.

That trust has extended through modern technology, as Leica offers a wide-array of lenses and both digital and analog cameras that ensure ability to make the perfect photo. Whether on assignment or adventure, Leica channels your creativity and vision through German engineering — to historic, lasting results.



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